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There are many sights to behold in the Hazelton area. In these rich cultural lands, a history of tradition can be found within minutes of your stay. Take pictures or just soak in the experience! Some of these experiences can be explored below.


Historical Village of 'Ksan

An historical village situated on the Skeena river in Old Hazelton. ‘Ksan illustrates the traditions and culture of the Gitxsan people with totem poles, longhouses, and many beautiful vivid Gitxsan imagery. Visit to explore, enjouy, and encompass.

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Hands of History

Scattered across the Hazelton area are signs with stories of our past placed at historic locations. You can have a day long adventure following a map to all of the signs, enjoying their stories and seeing the stunning sites that Hazelton has to offer. This is a great way to enjoy the colourful history of the area. For maps and more information please go to the Visitor Information Center.

Totem Poles

The Hazelton area is located on traditional Gitxsan territory, which shows off their spectacular totem poles. Illustrating various aspects of their culture as well as ideas of life, one cannot miss the towering totem poles. They can be found at Ksan Historical Village, Hazelton, Kispiox, Kitwanga, and Gitanyow. For more information and directions please go to the Visitor Information Center.

Hagwilget Bridge

Overlooking the Bulkley River by 80m, the steel Hagwilget Suspension Bridge is a must-see for all Hazelton comers. At 140 meters long and 4.9 meters wide, it is a sight to be hold and an adventure to walk accross. This can easily be accessed from the 28 Inn by the Eagle Down Trail, where you may take pictures at a level surface, or make your way down to the sand bar for an even immersive and glorious experience.

Hazelton Pioneer Museum & Archives

Right beside the large paddle streamer boat in Old Hazelton is the Hazelton District Public Library. Inside, one can find not only hundreds of books based on the Hazelton area, but also a local museum. Demonstrated are historical artifacts, photos, tools, instruments, and much more.
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Tri Town Theater

The Tri Town Theater invites everyone from the Hazelton area to an evening of entertainment enjoyment through feature films; blockbuster movies of the year that are designed to knock your socks off both visually, aurally, and narratively. A new film is shown every week, and prices as well as show times can be found on their Facebook Page.
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