River Rafting

The various rivers and lakes in the Hazelton area welcome rafters and paddlers from all to enjoy this invigorating activity. Down every river is a wonderful combination of vivid scenery, captivating wildlife, raging waters, and unforgettable experiences. Down below are a few businesses that will aid in your rafting adventures. New Hazelton Tourism has created a wonderful brochure that provides an excellent visual organizer for the lakes and rivers, which can be found here: Link

Rivers Lakes
Kispiox River Anderson Flats Provincial Park
Skeena River Seeley Lake Provincial Park
Bulkley River Ross Lake Provincial Park
Suskwa River Watson Lakes
Elizabeth Lake Recreational Site
Upper Kispiox Recreation Site
Keynton (Bell) Lake Recreation Site

Bear Claw Lodge

“Bear Claw Lodge features river expeditions on the Skeena and Kispiox rivers. Guests enjoy excellent campfire cooking, prepared using local ingredients, while enjoying local stories on the banks of the river. Our river expeditions are great for couples, families, or a group of friends! The length of the expeditions vary from three to seven days.”

6271 Kispiox Valley Rd., Kispiox, BC
Toll-Free 1-877-KISPIOX


Kispiox Eco-Expeditions

“A half day trip departs from the Kispiox Rodeo grounds and ends at junction of the Kispiox and Skeena Rivers with scenic stops – time and weather permitting.” Offers both half-day and full-day trips.

Contact: Monty Stevens, Kispiox Cultural Centre
Phone: 1-250-842-5248


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