Fishing just might be the biggest pastime in Hazelton. A sport stemming though centuries of tradition, the Hazelton area is a prime location for fishermen to reel in some of the best catches. There are many rivers and lakes to fish on; each offering a new and different experience. Summer to early fall is the busy season for catching various types of salmon, while October is the time to target steelhead. New Hazelton Tourism has created a wonderful brochure that provides an excellent visual organizer for the lakes, which can be found here: Link


  • Note that all fishers 16-years-old and over, residents and non-residents, require a license to fish. Licenses are available on the BC government website.
  • A Pleasure Craft Operator Card is required to operate power-driven boats and watercraft in Canada.
Rivers Lakes
Kispiox River Anderson Flats Provincial Park
Skeena River Seeley Lake Provincial Park
Bulkley River Ross Lake Provincial Park
Suskwa River Watson Lakes
Elizabeth Lake Recreational Site
Upper Kispiox Recreation Site
Keynton (Bell) Lake Recreation Site

Bear Claw Lodge

“Bear Claw Lodge, Kispiox Valley, British Columbia, is a 15,000 square foot post-and-beam luxury lodge located on the world-famous Kispiox River, just 1.5 hours drive north of Smithers, BC. Gorgeous 22 foot carved First Nations totem poles welcome you as you enter the foyer, set behind the massive, three-story river rock fireplace. For our fishermen, the Kispiox River is renowned for being home to the largest strain of wild steelhead in the world.”

6271 Kispiox Valley Rd., Kispiox, BC
Toll Free: 1-877-KISPIOX


Skeena Meadows

“Skeena Meadows Wildlife Preserve is a breathtaking 685 acre property uniquely situated on the banks of the world famous Skeena River, in British Columbia, Canada. The Skeena is British Columbia’s second largest river and one of the most important salmon and steelhead rivers in the world. Featuring 4 kilometres of riverfront, Skeena Meadows is  nestled in a valley and bordered on one side by this world-class river and surrounded by spectacular mountain views and wildlife.”

107 Carnaby Rd, New Hazelton, BC
Phone: 250-842-6400


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